Poďakovanie Ukrajinskej spoločnosti pre osteoporózu za podporu

22. marca 2022

Dear colleagues.

Hope you are all safe.
While we are still awaiting the Official Position of the CNS/IOF on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Osteoporosis Association warmly and respectfully thanks other CNS, including Polish Osteoarthrology Society (personally (p) Prof. Edward Czerwiński), Polish Foundation of Osteoporosis (p. Prof. Janusz E. Badurski), Slovak Society for Osteoporosis and Metabolic Bone Diseases (p. Prof. Juraj Payer), Osteoporosis Canada (p. Dr. Famida Jiwa), Georgian Association of Skeletal Metabolism Diseases (p. Dr. Marina Tsagareli) for their support.
Also, we thank many researchers (M.F. Holick, J.P. Bilezikian, N. Binkley (USA), M.R. Mascarenhas (Portugal), D. Нans (Switzerland), B. Lunenfeld (Israel), M. Kužma (Slovakia), Andrea Ildikó Gasparik (Romanian)… … for their personal support.
Unfortunately, most Ukrainian scientists will not be able to take an active part in the WCO-2022 Congress (Berlin, next week) where the Ukrainian Osteoporosis Association planned our first non-sponsored symposium due to war-related obstacles and humanitarian issues.
However, we believe that the IOF, like many other international organizations, can demonstrate not only a high scientific level but its active stance against war.
We stay in Ukraine, we stay with Ukraine, and continue to work for our patients and our country.
Best wishes,
Nataliia Grygorieva
Professor, Doctor of Medical Science.
President of Ukrainian Osteoporosis Association
Head of the Department of Clinical Physiology and
pathology of the musculoskeletal system,

Institute of Gerontology named after D.F.Chebotarev NAMS Ukraine.

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